Expand Your Horizons


Traveling makes you see things differently in every aspects. We have field trip week every quarter and it is great. I believe that seeing other parts of our country will help us in becoming better designers. Last year I was able to visit New York and Washington D.C.

New York was so different than Los Angeles in many ways. One of the biggest thing that I felt, was the lost of personal space. For us, Angelinos, we take it for granted and one doesn’t realize until you’re in New York. This fast-pace city is incredible to visit but I don’t know about living there. The best part of visiting was walking the High Line in Manhattan.

Washington D.C. was different too but very classy in esthetics throughout the city. I happened to visit during the cherry blossom festival at its prime. This was an interesting time because of the amount of people that was there for this reason. Seeing the nation’s capital was very moving to see all the history. It seemed to me that everything here was done at a grand scale, which fit the city perfect.

There is so much to see and with all our hectic lives, we don’t take the time to see what is out there. Traveling has changed my aspects towards the way I view things around me. I know that it made me aware of things that I didn’t think about before, such as personal space, I travel. So lets go see what is out there!


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