The Process

The dust at Owens Lake is a complex issue to begin and break down in one poster. However, this project was broken down in multiple maps to help comprehend the complexity of dust and how important dust really is.There was so much research conducted and there were so many directions this project could have gone. It was hard to come up with an interesting story behind the poster. Nonetheless, the end result is only the beginning for this poster.Image


2 responses to “The Process

  1. Ernesto, watching the progress of your research was something that I did not notice till the end. To be honest in the beginning, I glanced at your poster and didn’t try to fully understand it. But recently, especially during your final review I started actually trying to understand your work. All I have to say is, bravo. The fact that you tackled this topic full on, I have enjoyed watching your graphics, research and synthesis evolve over the quarter. Even though we are done with this class, you are right… This is just the beginning for this poster.

  2. The process is what tends to take the longest. This picture of how you came to a beginning is very insightful even though I have seen it in person. It’s the beginning of the end.

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