Raising the price of water

YouTube has become such a great source of communication for different companies around the world. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is no different, they have a YouTube account that allows them to educate the public on the nation’s largest municipal water and power utility system and present videos on how to conserve water and power.

In the video, “LADWP Proposed 2012-2014 Water & Power Rates” they let the viewers know about the incoming increase in the price of water. Ronald Nichols, the General Manager of LADWP, tells us that there are two main reasons the water rate is going up. One because of the Federal Safe drinking water act, they are required to cover up all the open reservoirs. The second reason is for how they disinfect our drinking water. The problem with these two reasons is that our water infrastructures are all out of date. They need to spend money of replacing water pipes and systems, and apparently it’s time to replace almost everything. In the first year, the rates will increase $0.04 and in the second year climb another $2.02 in order to meet the quota needed to replace the outdated infrastructure and to supply Los Angeles with adequate drinking water.

In the end, they encourage the people of Los Angeles to help themselves and their neighbors to conserve the water we have left. They are also engaging in programs to clean the local groundwater, secure and clean storm water runoff, create more recycled water programs in order to reduce our dependence on imported water.


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  1. I have enjoyed reading this post and video clip and getting to know more about LA Aqueduct. I have never interest within news and the issues before take this class. You are lucky because this is my first comment entire quarter.

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