Final Poster and Methodology

Kuk Ho Exhibition panel 1




One of the best known functions of a water source is to provide a habitat for wildlife. A water source is also important for bird habitats. The birds use the habitat as a source of feeding, resting shelter, breeding, and social interaction. The habitat loss and degradation are the primary causes for the population declines of most bird species. The habitat disruption occurs mostly by human impact, and just a few people known about the ecological and habitat requirements of migratory birds, and a few of organizations and communities are working on restoration of the habitat. However, still not have a good population monitoring information system and the organization to support for more than half of all species that nest in North America.


Owens Valley is located in between of eastern California and Sierra Nevada within along Owens River, the White Mountains and Inyo Mountains. There were two lakes, which are the Mono Lake and Owens Lake, used for wildlife habitat. Since the valley provides water to the cities by the Los Angeles Aqueduct, as the result, the one of the important habitat the Owens Lake is dried. Therefore, the population of the migratory birds in Owens Lake has been slowly decreasing, and the birds in the Mono Lake are also declined.


Purpose of this map is studying of migratory birds and designs infographic poster base on the study for giving brief information to people. Especially, the migratory birds live in Mono Lake and Owens Valley. First of all, did searching on Google scholar web search engine. There is only limited sources because lack of the population monitoring information system in North America. Most of information sources from organizations and communities web site. After the data and information are gathered, uses Adobe Illustrator to create the base map and panel, and provides infograpical questions with B/W images that give brief of information tells what the question is bout. Moreover, after all the data are gathered on the base map, finally, it goes on the Google Map which is the map that instructor provide.


Poster came out pretty interesting, but still not enough of the information and details. The guests in exhibition said, the map is too simple and they want to see more details. Therefore, adds more graphics and data on the final.

Data Sources

Owens Lake Bird List:

Owens Lake Bird Counts:

Owens Lake Coordinate: 36.436157,-117.960047

Mono Lake Bird List:

Mono Lake Bird Counts:

Mono Lake Coordinate : 38.007059,-119.012259

Bird’s Habitats, Illustration, and Migration Pattern Map:



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