LA499-03 Narrative Graphics Practicum

LA499-03 Narrative Graphics
CRN: 30501   
4 Credits


Upper division and graduate students from all ENV programs and CS majors are welcome to enroll.  Only prerequisite is competency in Adobe Creative Suite or web design.


Using the Los Angeles Aqueduct as our case study, we will explore advanced graphics in the context of exhibitions and web design.  The focus is on quantifying and diagramming the eco-technical systems to communicate the complex interrelationships to the public and policy makes in support of policy recommendations.

As a practicum requiring 80 hours of time spent working on the project, the learning outcomes cover quantitative displays and interactive graphics, environmental graphics and way finding, exhibition design and pre-press production, and basic web design/coding.

Assignments will be split between:

  • Collaborating on the design of the City Hall exhibit and generating content for
  • Individual projects researching and creating special graphic features and content for the website and/or exhibition.

As a practicum, you will collaborate as professionals to deliver the finished website and exhibition.  Tasks range from creating new maps and infographics, pre-press,


Weekly Meeting TBD (catalog says Th 6-9:50pm) – we’ll find a better time to meet for an hour each week.  Attendance is manditory during the period that you are fulfilling your practicum hours (which are requirement to be completed before the end of summer quarter).  You can choose to complete the practicum this spring or summer – an incomplete will be issued for those that wish to complete the work over the summer.

Please contact the instructor for details.


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