Trees or concrete?

Vegetation is fundamental in all ecological cycles. It is responsible for providing food and habitat to other living organisms in the ecosystems as well as providing shelter to them. In addition they help to keep the ecosystem (soil, water and air) clean from pollutants. Vegetation is one of the most important natural mechanisms that nature has for self-sustainability. In other worlds is one of the most important natural buffers. That is the most important attribute of Riparian Vegetation. It refers to plant material whether they are trees, oaks, low shrubs or grasses that are able to growth on rivers or stream banks. Other interesting characteristic of Riparian vegetation, in this case, trees, is that they provide shade and shelter for many aquatic animals, so that they can hide, reproduce and forage food in. Providing them with shade is also protecting them from high temperatures in summer or cold temperatures in winter working as a thermal cover. Without it extreme temperatures would be fatal for them. Shade as well, helps to stabilize water and climate temperature. Thus, it lowers water evaporation or water loss.  In addition keeping good temperature on water helps to prevent algae growth, which is not a welcome organism in the ecosystem. That is because, without them it is able to keep or hold more oxygen in water needed for fish to breathe. Beyond aquatic benefits, riparian vegetation also serves as habitat for terrestrial animals such as birds and lizards giving them comfortable dwelling. Furthermore, Riparian vegetation helps to stabilize the banks’ soils avoiding soil erosion. All of this and more is possible because of the natural process that riparian vegetation is able to fulfill at no economical cost. Then, who is going to be able to achieve these same results at that level for free and leaving no environmental impacts. Would this be possible without vegetation? Would these be possible with replacing Riparian vegetation housing units, streets or even worst a channelized river? Here one of the issues many cities’ including LA is experiencing after it’s spreading along a River.


One response to “Trees or concrete?

  1. As like you say, the vegetation is very important in our lives, They provides food and landscape.Moreover, functionally, prevents floods and run off from urban city. Furthermore, they have a function to clean the air, I always wonder why we use more concrete base than the vegetation.

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