Thinking about a project? think about hydrology…


Water have become the why and wherefore of the establishments of human developments. That is because it is an essential natural resource that is needed for the sustainability of any environment and living organism. Without water any ecological cycle could be completed. Plants, animals, and humans need water to satisfy their thirst, while the soil and air needed to keep them alive and healthy to enhance productivity. Thus, water cannot be inevitable involved on anything related to life. That is why hydrology becomes one of the main concerns of any development. There are many questions that are important to be consciously answered and analyzed when planning any type of development in order to enhance sustainability. Some of these are:

–       Is there plenty of water capacity to satisfy the present and future needs of the new development?

–       What is the actual water quality of that water supply?

–       What is the hydrology on the back?

–       How did it this happen?

–       How to keep this going, and not impact it?

–       Why is it important to ask and answer these questions?


2 responses to “Thinking about a project? think about hydrology…

  1. I think this is a really interesting project you bring up. How do you plan a city in this day and age? Is there a checklist that we have to follow or is there a more complicated methodology. There are development companies that seem to just plop cities wherever there is space and this makes me wonder why isn’t there any legislative action being done to prevent bad city planning.

  2. This has become very clear throughout our courses that Hydrology is a key factor for everything. We must try to understand it and find a way to work with the system and not against it.

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