Planning for the future

With the ideology of consuming resources as Americans, many people plan only for the short term damages of the future. When the discovery of water resources were found, Mulholland saw the opportunity and took it. The water resources were thought to be unlimited due to the abundant amounts of water to be seen at the time. Much of the resources on this planet are depleted due to human existence. With the mindset of fast solutions, problems are only amended temporarily. Many solutions were thought out by the engineers, building the channelized rivers to solved flooding problems; however, the problems were only a short-term solution. As landscape architects, we plan further in the future to prevent problems that appears to become problems later on. It is an opportunity for landscape architects to change the future and make a difference in our infrastructure.


2 responses to “Planning for the future

  1. Planning for the future to me is the main reason why i feel that Landscape Architecture is really important and unique. From garden design to regional planning, everything that we do is ever changing and if we design appropriately we will anticipate the outcome and design to accommodate such results.

  2. The LA River is a good example of what you chose to discuss in this entry. It was a good solution in that it solved the flood issue but at the same time there cons that came about.

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