Interdisciplinary Synergy

In the landscape architecture major we have constantly worked in groups.  This quarter has not been an exception, and in fact, has broadened the scope of who we work with.  This project has required us to work with students in the computer science and graphic arts major.  This interdisciplinary project has brought together students with different backgrounds and skills.  The computer science students bring to the table their knowledge in computers and internet development while the graphic art students bring their understanding of color palettes and layouts.

The computer science students have an extensive knowledge of website design.  This skill is essential in launching a successful website.  The website will contain all the content that we, the landscape architecture students, have gathered; this includes maps, historical information, current information, and water and all its issues.  They will be implementing this information in a way that makes it easy for the public to access and understand.  Without the computer science students this project will be very difficult to accomplish.

The computer graphics students understand how to display information.  Their studies have granted them with a deep appreciation for color and layout design.  Their skills were focused in developing a color scheme, logo design, font styles, and layouts for the project.  These items encompass the whole project, making the project read as one.

Working with both of these classes was an interesting and rewarding experience.  We got to get out of our comfort zone and work with people who have different skills.  This project can only benefit from this level of interdisciplinary work.


2 responses to “Interdisciplinary Synergy

  1. i agree with your position in this topic because i too feel that i gained a lot from this experience and this is something that we as students do not really have a chance to do much. collaboration is essential to our field and learning it now i feel is important that way when we have to do it in a real world situation we will know what to expect.

  2. Love the term “Interdisciplinary Synergy.” The explanation of the trials and triumphs of working with a profession that is completely different from our own can become a double-edged sword, but finding common ground and those areas of overlap have proven to be the first step in an effective collaboration.

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