Channelized Rivers

Channelized Rivers

With the development of channelized rivers, our water systems have not been the same. Channelized rivers of the Los Angeles watershed impacted water in numerous ways. Breaking it down to the pros of building a watershed along our water resources, the channelized rivers mitigate chances of having rapid floods. In response to that, Los Angeles is able to build their city along rivers. With this, channelized rivers mainly benefit people.
As oppose to building channelized rivers, the cons include the depletion of our local water resources. Los Angeles loses their water resources due to the water flowing down to the ports of Long Beach rather quickly. Additionally, the massive amounts of concrete include destruction of wildlife, collection of unsettled contaminated water, and rapid currents downstream.
Determining the better option of channelized rivers or not, it is a matter of opinion. Channelized rivers contain the benefits for human development; however, channelized waters damage our ecosystem. Whether it’s channelized or not, we need water to survive.


4 responses to “Channelized Rivers

  1. Channelization impacts the ecosystems in which the water is being siphoned from. Although we do need water to survive, it is still our fault as to why we have an issue with making channelized rivers in the first place. Humans are a self centered breed that chooses to populate areas of visual pleasure. If planning were made with a more environmental or sustainable approach, water problems would not be as severe as they are now. It is the original planners who made the mistakes and now it is up to us to fix their problems.

  2. Yes, humans, need water, but don’t we need air, soil, vegetation to survive? Yes, we do, but many forget or unknown the importance of these others natural resources as well. At least lets do it for ourselfs and take care of them.

  3. Channelization, although impacts the environment in a negative way is something that we have to deal with. i feel that the best solution is to find alternative ways and or materials of channelization because whether we like it or not it will still occur. finding ways to mitigate water flows through vegetation or materials other than concrete that can be permeable are some ways that we can get the same result without having the same impact on the environment. instead of opposing the problem we should use it as a foundation for sustainable solution.

  4. Ultimately, these cement ditches must go if we are to become sustainable here in S. Calif. We cannot just “channel” away our water to the ocean, as the population and water needs rise. We need to remove the concrete, and build multiple lakes and settling ponds between the mountains and the ocean.

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