Sharing Space

Sharing Space

For centuries humans have behaved very selfish. New developments are done every day and others are being planned already. The problem is that they are planned and constructed based on human’s needs and wants. Thus, forgiving about nature and the impacts caused because of these improvements. The point is not to stop creating projects, but planning them consciously. It is about Green Infrastructure rather than Gray Infrastructure. This last one is the typical mindset of planning, while Green Infrastructure offers a more nature conscious development planning.

Green Infrastructure is about sharing the space with nature, and allowing it to accomplish the ecological cycles that creates a sustainable community. Thus, avoiding future ecological issues such as flooding, soil and air contamination, and others more. If this methodology was applied since the beginning of the developments in Los Angeles city, more water would be available on site, the environment would be more sustainable and the community would not be facing the actual ecological and health issues.  Now it is time to restore, and revitalize the impacted ecological cycles. Let’s stop being selfish an share the world with nature.


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