3rd Year, 2nd Quarter, 9th Week Down & Long

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As the end of the quarter approaches, we prepare ourselves for the inevitable, finals week.

In football terminology, the 9th week is like 4th and long, except we don’t have the option to punt the ball. We must dust ourselves off, stand behind the line of scrimmage & continue playing offense for there is little time left on the clock to even consider getting the pigskin back. This is the time that we gather our thoughts; sit at our architectural desks living off of sodium rich Ramen Noodles soup, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cold cups of coffee & 15 minute power naps. Finals week represents not the end of the quarter but of a time well spent on learning new things & accomplishing the minor goals of a bigger picture. The end of the 2nd quarter is but merely the introduction to the 3rd quarter. This will be a time to learn new skills & re-master or fine-tune old ones. In this current 2nd quarter, we have learned so much concerning Los Angeles that I no longer see the City of Angels as the place that was once home to the Tongva Indians, or the first Californios but rather a city that should not exist if it were not for the water of the Owens Valley. As we head into the 3rd quarter, and eventually, 4th year, our senior year, & graduation with what will hopefully be a clearer understanding of Landscape Architecture, we are learning the importance of water sustainable usage. The Aqueducts Futures Project is showing us the vitality of water in our environment. Los Angeles is a city that has both great & poor design when it comes to its water management practices. It is up to us, as future leaders in our chosen profession to correct the water management mistakes of the past.  How will we accomplish that task? Interdisciplinary action with Architects, Engineers, Government Officials, Landscape Architects and Urban Planners. It is 4th and long. Hut Hut Hike!


One response to “3rd Year, 2nd Quarter, 9th Week Down & Long

  1. Definitely getting involve in a project like the LA Aqueduct opens our minds and let us to see the city from other point of view. It has been a good experience to get informed about a subject that should matter to all of the ones that depend on water, since it is important to be councious about what it takes to open the faucet and have this source right away. And yeah, although it takes time to realize how much we have learned along this quater, we can now feel LA city different.

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