Plant Community Shift


In response to the changing climates, plant communities are adapting. For i.e., the shift of montane plant communities decrease in numbers due to the high temperature rises. Evidently, Los Angeles depletes water resources, in addition to the natural climate changes. Climate change is inevitable due to natural global warming; however, additional green house gases caused by human carbon foot prints does not help either. As a result, the alkali desert meadow dominates the Owens Valley floors, as it helps itself with any available water resources and its hardiness to assistance its survival. It would not be surprising if the alkali desert meadow flourished the Owens Valley floors. In the process of changing plant communities, it is a natural process of plant survival. Plant communities changed countless times over the years. With the changes of plant communities, this could indicate the negative impacts toward the environment. Then again, humans do not like change in the environment.


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