Career Path


Having been a Water Conservation Intern at the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water district, I learned about water consumption and abuse. It has inspired me to rethink our relationship with water and how imperative it has become. I was part of a team that worked hard on several projects that implemented water conservation principles and practices to help homeowners within the district save money through water conservation. One particular project, was the designing of a water conservation demonstration garden. Its purpose was to encourage customers in converting their lawns into water efficient landscape through the proper use of plants and irrigation methods. As a result of this experience, my career goal is to strengthening my education upon graduation by applying to graduate school for a master’s degree in Regenerative Studies. Afterwards, I plan on obtaining my license in landscape architecture for the state of California. I will take the knowledge I have gained from my educational background and professional experience and create a water saving and sustainable world.

My ultimate goal is to push for the use of more sustainable urban drainage systems such as bioswales, green roofs/walls, and wetlands that will not only help capture and treat storm water runoff but also replenish the groundwater basins so we can become less dependent on imported water. I aspire to be a leader in this growing movement of sustainable innovative design. I want to help reshape the way society rethinks its relationship with water and its use of it. This is not a change that benefits only the environment but a holistic approach for a better future.


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