Summing Up the Aqueduct Futures

P1000680The Los Angeles Aqueduct drains Owens Valley. We map the progress and information about all the events related to both areas. The water was going to be used one way or another; whether it was L.A. or someone else. The thing I learned the most about the last two quarters from this experience is that Owens Valley with its small town appeal and L.A. with its mega city composition each have something to offer; to the state or country. Its very legal process exemplifies the American tradition of rights and protection under the law. I know for the people tied to this it must be hard to see the separation.

SACRIFICE- the project I have been working on shows the population estimates for Owens Valley in connection with modern times per capita water use in L.A. It has been put together and torn apart and reassembled for a second presentation. It will be displayed tomorrow at Cal Poly Pomona along with many other similar works. Our professor, Barry Lehrman, is putting all of his efforts to pull off the many goals of the Aqueduct Futures, the centennial of the L.A. aqueduct. As we progress towards the end of the quarter we look forward to seeing the final website put together in the future. The last two quarters have brought me very close to the water issues in Southern California. Understanding the issues at hand will make me better suited to be a landscape architect.


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