Aware Zine


As we head into the final weeks of studio I have decided to create a zine for my own gratification. With the co-operation of my fellow colleagues we will work hard to produce a zine by the end of the winter quarter. The title of the zine is currently “Aware”, choosing this title was not easy but fits perfectly with the topics we have been discussing in studio. As a community at large we need to be aware of what is happening around us, this zine is a good way to informing the public.  The first issue will be focused on water which the studio has been focused on, it will include columns, interviews, photography and projects done in the Fall quarter as well as installation projects that are currently under discussion by several students. Aware zine will be a great way to inform, express uniqueness and knowledge through writing, photography, art, music and any way possible.  Look for issue number one around the end of March.


2 responses to “Aware Zine

  1. Do you plan on having a “digital” version of the zine? I think if you went that route–more people would grasp the issues being presented here at large. I think its important to get all these messages across on a broader scale.

  2. I am not sure what zine is? It seems like zine is an interesting piece. It is probably the same artist that has done many of the pieces that have become popular in recent times. “Make Love not War” etc… I don’t know if it is the simplicity that attracts people to this form of art or its strong behind the scenes message. Anyways, I don’t care for it all that much. The reason why is because when I look to art for satisfaction I want something that stretches the bounds of creativity and doesn’t define them. The solid bold colors set limits I feel. I am not an expert about artwork. I like many works and I can’t always put my finger on why I like them. This zine character is not to my liking.

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