Ideas! Ideas!

Some of us in studio have been discussing projects we would like to do independently. We are always coming up with ideas in our sketchbooks that seem to just grow and grow! I seem to attach myself  to different installation ideas on water consumption.

My most recent project on groundwater contamination is a great influence on my ideas for an installation. Although these next coming weeks will be busy, I hope to  give my self a chance to try out my installation ideas.

I have come across some interesting projects on the internet. Yesterday, I came across an image in which water bottles were used to create cubicle spaces in an office.  I liked the idea of creating a stacked- barrier of sorts using water bottles. I was  thinking that If I were to enhance on that idea, I would fill  those water bottles  with sand, which would be representative of the dust issues  in Owens Valley.


2 responses to “Ideas! Ideas!

  1. I too have also been thinking about doing some sort of installation but I do not know exactly what. Having that said I think you should definitely go with doing the installation you have been thinking about. It sounds interesting that I am very curious to see how it would look.

  2. I have come across the same dilemma. Too many ideas, too little time. Even with sufficient time management, it is difficult to accomplish all of the things a person wishes to, but that is why we have our peers. We are all willing to help each other and make their ideas come to life.

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