Why care about groundwater?

Groundwater being pumped

Groundwater being pumped

Has it ever occurred to stop and ask why is groundwater important? If not then maybe taking the time to learn about it might have an affect to help and prevent contaminating our groundwater resource. What is groundwater? Groundwater is water that is held underground in the soil or in pores.  Sounds crazy right? In fact, many people use and drink groundwater everyday but don’t even know it.

Groundwater comes from snow, rain, sleet, and hail that soaks into the ground. It then travels down into the ground making its journey between particles of soil, gravel, sand or rock until it reaches the saturated zone and stays there until it is ready to be used.

Most groundwater is clean but it can become polluted or contmainated at any time. Humans cause groundwater contamination due to using too much fertilizers and pesticides on their landscapes. Also, leaky unground storage tanks can cause harm and even oil spills which cause these pollutants to move down through the soil and contaminate the groundwater.

So next time stop and think before dumping anything into the ground!

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  1. Thanks for posting this post Roy. I was thinking about writing something to educate our followers on groundwater but you beat me to it. However, I think you did a good job of providing a basic outline of the importance of groundwater. Thanks!

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