The Gift

There is no surprise to the fact that Owens Valley is suffering intensely in attempts to preserve the metropolis known as Los Angeles. Throughout this course, we as a team, have been looking at several issues that plague the Owens Valley, whether cultural or environmental. A major issue that slips some of our minds is the fact that Los Angeles, the city is responsible for the fall of Owens Lake, is running out of water too.

To capture the true essence of what Owens Valley has given to the people of Los Angeles, me and my team (Ernesto Perez and Jesse Hirakawa) spent hours filming the city from within. We captured nearly 3 hours of raw footage, that clearly depicts bustling daily life within this urban mecca. Through the editing process, we as a team, created a short film that illustrates the people of Los Angeles and the problem that faces them….what happens when we run out of water?


One response to “The Gift

  1. I have to comment that going into the city, to try and record things that would make LA seem “alive and running” was quite a challenge. We found this a challenge because we had to make sure that water was incorporated. Yet, as we were wandering the streets there were only one or two real water fountains, and we didn’t want to make it that obvious. So hopefully through out different shots of LA and out short messages, this will make you think about the real under lying message we are trying to portray.

    Thanks for the wonderful post Ty.

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