Presents in a stow away


The past two quarters we’ve been working on the Aqueduct Futures Project under the supervision of Professor Barry Lehrman. We have exercised our abilities to create landscapes that express cultural identity and history, we have mapped ecological and land use issues resulting from the impacts and benefits of the Los Angeles aqueduct, and now we are in collaboration with graphic art students and computer science students from Cal Poly Pomona working on ways to communicate our ideas and research with the community. So far we will be showcasing student work in an exhibition. Additional work will be presented on kiosks at exhibition venues and websites created as a result of student collaboration.

Other methods in which we can communicate to the public would be through a mobile app. Wouldn’t it be cool to say, “Aqueduct Futures… there’s an app for that!”

What if we could extend our outreach and present the Owens Valley with a tiny gift full of our brilliant ideas! Rebar studio’s first project, The Cabinet National Library featured a physical database of the Cabinet magazine located in the deserts of New Mexico. Not only would be sharing our project ideas, but we’d also be bringing awareness to the impacts of the aqueduct to Owens Valley. Visitors would be able to experience the beauty of the Eastern Sierras and identify the struggles between water use in Los Angeles and its effects at the Owens Lake. Just an idea, could be worth exploring!


2 responses to “Presents in a stow away

  1. The image is attention-captivating and the narration that follows leave the universal begging question “what is next to come?” This entry , although short, is concise and a delightful read. Connotative enthusiasm that the author infused within the writing was also infectious to read as well.

  2. Your entry was very moving that it got me thinking that it would be really cool for there to be an app on the ‘Aqueduct Futures’ then we can look back and be like “Yeah we contributed into creating that.”

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