iCubed (Integrated Interdisciplinary Instruction)

venn diagram


Moving from application of theory to more experimentation in the curriculum served as a multi-level process with a complexity of dimensions that exist in the landscape, artistic, and technological spectrums. To an extent, this experimentation that is being manipulated can also be explained as interdisciplinary learning, Goldsmith and Kraiger define this emphasis as “an internalized framework of all the related perspectives, concepts, ideas, and methods of inquiry making up the knowledge domain and giving it meaning.” and in retrospect is the best model for describing this stage of the process.
The demonstration of such a practice can visually be comparative to a venn diagram. Each circle represents the respective emphasis of academia (Landscape Architecture, Computer Science, and Graphic Design) and as these circles of emphasis integrate together, the spaces and places in which the crossovers occur serve as the active modes of interdisciplinary learning.
In reality, the spaces in which these crossovers occur are much more complex than a vectorized illustration can entail. The struggles of finding a common ground has served to be a difficult task to communicate in and of itself. What awaits is still something mystical, but exciting to unveil. With practice meets progress, and everything else in between.


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