To A Community We Will Go, Heigh Ho the Dairy-o, A Community We Will Go!

Step aside Mr. Architect, the Landscape Architects are taking the lead on this one. Their is a shift of social values that is transpiring within the Architectural design field in Los Angeles. As society is becoming more in tune with the importance of social landscapes, we are looking towards innovative public designers to accomplish such tasks.  LA’s are best suited for public/social open spaces. The importance of the Landscape Architect is to create a site that will hold public significance and not just an entirely private residential landscape. As we delve deeper into the Aqueduct Futures project, we are seeing the social significance that we as future designers can have for the city of Los Angeles. As the  City of Angels continues to grow, and its continued dependence on outside water sources, we have the opportunity to create open spaces for public use such as the Parklets that are currently being designed. It is in places such as these that we have the power to educate the people of Los Angeles, the strong sense of community that we must have, not just towards other Angelenos but also towards the people of the Owens Valley, whom by no will of their own, lost so much because of our dependance on their water.


One response to “To A Community We Will Go, Heigh Ho the Dairy-o, A Community We Will Go!

  1. Landscape architects are important in California with regards to water and many other ways. I remember back in our first class in the fall and going on a field trip to LA and getting lost off of the main trail. It was scary there was homelessness and poverty. I didn’t even feel safe! We visited the beautiful developments in LA and not even two blocks away is this beaten path. There is so much work! We have time to make LA or anywhere we go a better, safer, more comfortable place. When our works give people a strong sense of community and pride we will know we are doing our jobs.

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