Team Work

One of the challenges in the Landscape Architecture profession is team work. Projects are results of the collaboration of different disciplines such as Engineering, Architecture, Designers, Urban Planners and others including on hands people. It is a methodical process, but at the same time collaborative. Thus, it is important to understand the supporting role of each of these disciplines. Effective communication is the key factor that makes them to work collectively, and being successful. The great results are showed when the intents are achieved.

As Landscape Architecture students to experience inter-disciplinary team work is a learning opportunity. It let them to start training and preparing communication skills that can be applied in their future professions. CalPoly Landscape Architecture students have the opportunity of having this learning experience. They are to work in collaboration with the Computer and Science Department as well to with the Art Graphic Department of the same institution. The challenge is to address different topics and to present them in a manner that becomes the interest of the public and policy makers. Final projects are to be exhibited via a web-site and presented at an exhibition.


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