Owens Valley gets a Visitor pattern !

Owens Valley gets a Visitor pattern !

A majority of the Owens Valley region is covered by national parks and recreation sites. The visitors to these parks and Recreation sites are growing every year making this region one of the popular tourist / recreation destinations in California. More than 5 million tourists visit Owens Valley for recreational purposes every year and it is important to study the distribution of these visitors around this region.

The map analyzes the concentration of recreation visits around parks, recreation sites and campgrounds in Owens Valley. It also shows the daytime visit sites as well as overnight stay sites which help to understand the variation in Annual visitor density with reference to recreational facilities and important sites. It can be a great tool for tourists to plan and analyze their visit to Owens Valley and cover all the important tourist landmarks in the region. The map can also be used for planning and development processes in the future as it clearly shows which regions are the most visited. This can be used to make a difference in visitor/ tourist experiences by enhancing regional and site scale recreation opportunities and facilities.


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