The drawing above describes the process of oxygen levels and plant community. Working with these topics, it allowed eliminating topics that did not relate to the main idea, which is the water quality. Additionally, this method was a good way to organize my thoughts and data gathered for the mid-review project.

Through the methods of drawing ideas on paper, ideas are gathered rather quickly in comparison to the digital world. The information gathered was put on paper before attempting laying out on the computer. It is a good way to be organized with thoughts rather than improvising ideas along the way with the computer. There is less time spent producing the project due to the organized thoughts speeding up the process.


One response to “Brainstorm

  1. I’d have to definitely agree with your post Jimmy. Being able to layout ideas on pen and paper is a lot more beneficial than having to “test the waters” while on the computer screen. Drawing is always going to be one of our more flexible ways of communicating our ideas and it is something we should be continuously exercising as future landscape architects 🙂

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