Water Flow

This videos’ intent is to show the Los Angeles River and one of the tributaries that originates in Eaton canyon, north of Pasadena in the San Gabriel Mountains. The transition of landscape and water use is evident throughout the video and we tied in a song that gave it a certain ambiance while engaging the view with different melody shifts. Throughout the river there is a shift in vegetation and animals specifically bird species and this was the intent to show that there is a wide variety of things that live off the river and variety of how people use it. In the film we also played with the focus of the camera, this is to show different points of focus that make the video much more interesting to film and also look at. Overall the experience of making a film gave us all a different perspective of what Landscape Architects are able to do in the real world, outside of actually designing but still portraying an environmental approach to a site or space that communicates a message to our audience that not only engages them but enlightens them as well.


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