Recycle! Reclaim! Reuse!

Los Angeles has been facing a grave problem of water shortage over the years. Its water sources are shrinking as the population of this region is increasing day by day. Water is one of the most important resources to sustain life and needs to be conserved and recycled for its optimum use. This is an informational video focussing on the recycling of Urban runoff water during dry weather. The Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility helps to conserve water as it recycles all the runoff from surrounding areas and reuses this water for Landscape Irrigation and many other commercial purposes. This video gives a better understanding of the SMURRF process and encourages the audience to save water, recycle water and implement such practices in their respective regions.

A majority of the video was filmed at the Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility with the management coordinator, Neal Shapiro, who has been working on this project since the last nine years. The idea behind the video was to link the issue of water shortage with the solution of recycling dry weather runoff by using SMURRF as an example. The five step process shown in the video recycles runoff which could be reused for various purposes and fulfill the water needs of the surrounding region.

It was a great experience to create this video and express our ideas within a time frame of 90 seconds. This was the first time we were assigned to make a short video so the process was confusing at the beginning but we got more comfortable as we worked further on it. I think film is a great tool to express your ideas as well as relay the information by capturing the action and emotions behind it. This assignment allowed me to explore various possibilities of conveying my thoughts to the audience which could be used in my future projects to communicate and relay any information in a better way. Such short films and videos can not only be used in the university classroom but also in high schools, museums, after school programs, home schoolers’ living rooms, public libraries, and peer-to-peer universities to educate people on importance and conservation of water.


One response to “Recycle! Reclaim! Reuse!

  1. Congratts!!!!!!!!! Very well done video;the idea of the better use of water runoff was adressed effectively even with the limited time to present the topic. Also very good choice of topic since it relates to the LA Aqueduct in specific, but to hydrology in general. The use of creativity in the video can be appreciated as well as ideas since they are well organized along the way.

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