For Locals Only… Maybe

Los Angeles Tourism Travel Impacts

Process is defined as a series of actions to achieve a particular end. The  process for the above map began in a different context. Originally, it depicted just the United States. However, that did not show the complexity of how tourism affects the use of water in Los Angeles. Even though it began along the correct lines, the end of that process was not the desired effect despite having all the data that was needed to achieve it. And thus the process began anew.

The City of Angels is a popular tourist destination, attracting 41.4 million visitors, second to New Yorks annual average of 48 million tourist. But then again that is New York city, the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps. The City of Angels, on the other hand likes its beauty sleep as much as it likes its water. But the question lies on how does tourism effect water consumption in Los Angeles? The answer was a bit surprising. It is estimated that domestic US tourists use 3% more water than they do when they are home and international tourist visiting the US use about 3.5% more water. In long run, what does this mean. The DWP reported that in 2012, Los Angeles water demand was about 200 billion gallons of water. Tourist, on average will use about 6.5% of that water demand, or 70 million gallons of water per year.


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