The Process & The Pyramid

After the midreview, I have been speculating as to how I convey the objectives in this course to people that ask me about my academic emphasis. The typical notion is that I am practicing to do “professional gardening” but the latter is so complex and diverse in spectrums that a simple statement cannot do this breadth of practice justice. If I could summarize what we are capturing in the Aqueduct Futures Project, I would say that we are studying the art of online data-journalismIn summation, data journalism is the process of compiling information from different sources within the internet and creating a narrative that illustrates an issue that needs more attention in society. To fully explain this process, featured above is the Inverted Pyramid of Online Data Journalism, which shows this process as a four step methodology to convey a source of communication as its ending product.
Connecting this process with what we are conducting in the Aqueduct Futures Project was a smooth assimilation in the fact that we are conducting data journalism. We are searching and exploring the internet and many information databases to convey an issue that the LA Aqueduct has instigated after its inception in 1913. The end result, our communicable deliverables will serve as an information vessel for the public sector to become more familiar and more aware of what major infrastructures do to our natural ecosystems, not only on a state-wide scale, but on a national and even global scale. With this act of recognition, reworking major infrastructures to work seamlessly with the natural systems will be a trending design solution for generations to come.


2 responses to “The Process & The Pyramid

  1. This was very informative and very well explained. I too have been asked what we are doing in design studio by those who know me outside of school and at times I found myself vague in explaining what we are doing. And despite how simple I may it put it to most people they seem to come back to the same irrational idea that I am studying to be a better lawn manicurist. Yeah, um no. I thoroughly enjoyed your explanation on what it is that we are doing in Barry’s class. (It certainly feels like a topic studio.) I must agree that what we are doing in studio is very interesting. I certainly see the connection that we have with the world we live in and not just the city or town that we call home. We are connected to our environment. The connections are everywhere. I certainly feel better prepared in explaining what we are doing in design studio now.

  2. Landscape architecture is hard enough to explain, and it’s even harder to explain what we are doing in class. Your post really helped to clarify the process we are going through this quarter. It’s important to step back at times and reflect on our progress since our workload can overwhelm us and we do not want to burn out before the quarter ends.

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