Kinetic Energy

hydropower map

This map is to display the potential kinetic energy that the Los Angeles aqueduct outputs throughout its drop off points along the infrastructure. The different widths of the aqueduct are to articulate the changes in the amount of kinetic energy at a given point. In addition, each county is outlined in dashed lines and various colors to represent the amount of energy in that county in correlation the other counties the aqueduct runs through. To give a deeper content to the map in regards to the amount of kinetic energy output, each county has a section cut that shows the elevation changes and distance.


2 responses to “Kinetic Energy

  1. I think the topic you chose to address is important. I’m not getting a thorough understanding of the relationship with kinetic energy and the La Aqueduct. What about these two relationships is important here? I think there needs to be stronger visual data sets. The line graphs could be a bit more bold in terms of representation of kinetic energy outputs.

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