A desolate Owens Valley

In our video short for the LA aqueduct our group chose to approach a more abstract presentation of a problem and concern. The problem and concern being Los Angeles water consumption. This problem has led to a desolate landscape that not many people are aware of. The Owens Valley is a region that is not normally associated with Los Angeles, but this region has a great amount of relationship to Los Angeles. This is where the great L.A. Aqueduct took all the water to supply the growing population of Los Angeles County. People might not think that this is of great importance; this video tries to evoke the importance of this problem. Through narration, images and abstract presentation of water flow and metaphorical color changes we hope the viewer will understand to a minimal degree what is currently or has previously affected a region that once thrived. 


One response to “A desolate Owens Valley

  1. From watching this video, I thought this was interesting. It displays impacts of the LA Aqueduct and integrates impacts with abstract visuals. As I watched the video, I couldn’t understand the meaning of each color. I thought it would be cool to understand what the colors mean in relation to the aqueduct.

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