The First Rule About Ecosystems is: You Don’t Change Ecosystems

This was a short film that we were asked to create for a field trip for an LA302 class in Cal Poly Pomona. The film that we were asked to produce needed to entail a theme of hydrology and environmental impacts. As we started filming we didn’t have many ideas of what our exact topic was going to be… so we just began filming everything that we saw. The opening road shots were taken at or near Lake Tahoe. The snow pack itself was filmed at Lake Tahoe. The scenes with the fish were taken at the Oroville Dam Fish Hatchery and the ending shots were taken at the California Academy of Sciences building at San Francisco Golden Gate Park. Part of the class project is to blog about our experiences for our current 2nd quarter concerning the LA Aqueducts.

Why is this important?

As a student of landscape architecture, I have found that film is an invaluable tool for my education. With the current trend of social media, film has the ability to reach a wider audience than print. Films are so ingrained into our society that it is only natural for Landscape Architecture to utilize film as one of our tools to show our designs and not just rendering programs such as CAD, Photoshop or Illustrator. It is one experience to see a film and another to actually create a film piece. Film has the power to captivate an audience. Film can stir up emotions and bring us into action. Having the ability to create a film piece, as a Landscape Architect student, I see the power that it has because it forced us to rethink our communication skills. With print, you simply put your ideas down on paper for your audience to read, but film… Film is so much more because now you are dealing with the visual experience and its sequence and how that can affect the audience.


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