Aqueduct Futures on Vimeo

Just created a vimeo channel for the Aqueduct Futures Project to feature student-generated videos and other productions.

The Gift from Jesse Hirakawa on Vimeo.

Water We Use from Saul Meneses on Vimeo.


Water Flow from Earnest Little on Vimeo.

LA 302 SMURRF video from Siddhant Bhalinge on Vimeo.


2 responses to “Aqueduct Futures on Vimeo

  1. The idea of this video is pretty strong. I like the visuals that got incorporated into this video. The message here is pretty simple and to the point. We do have to bring a balance between us and the environment. Its a challenge but there are little things that we can do each and every day to decrease the negative impacts of our environment. The videos on this blog are good reminders of that.

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