Hydro Electricity has been around since ancient times. Hydropower was used before power plants that generate electricity with the use of natural resources like oil were used. With the depletion of natural resources and the harmful effects of green house gasses released into our atmosphere due to the burning of oil, we can begin to look into renewable sources of energy. Solar power, Geothermal and Hydropower are some types of renewable energy sources. For my preliminary research done in The Aqueduct Futures Studio I have begun to look into the benefits of Hydro Electricity. I begin by looking into the five largest hydro plants in California. Most of the substantial plants are located in the north due to the amount of water that is needed for these plants to operate. The poster gives facts about power generated, capacity of water that a specific hydro plant can take in and the height of the dams where these hydro plants are located to give a sense of how grand these power structures are. With benefits also come impacts, I address some of these like climate change, snowpack and some ecosystem impacts. The research portrayed is minimal but crucial in the understanding of how infrastructure may change in the years to come for a more expanding future.

-Armando Silva


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