Fall 2012 Presentations

For the upcoming centennial of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, the Aqueduct Futures Project is exploring the future of water infrastructure for Southern California, focused on the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the supporting landscape systems.  Projects are located in Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, Owens Valley, and Mono County.

The final presentations of LA301L will be held on Wednesday 11/28, 8-11am in the Building 7 Gallery and 7-202.  LA301L projects create poetics in the expression of eco-technical systems that enhance cultural values and interpretation to increase the sustainability and resilience of our cities.   These interpretive landscapes celebrate the Aqueduct’s legacy and cultural role, while addressing social and environmental impacts of transferring water from Owens Valley to Los Angeles. <blehrman@csupomona.edu>

LA401L-02 will present their final projects on Wednesday 11/28, 3-6pm in the ENV Gallery (building 7). Confirmed jurors include: Lance Neckar, Alex Robinson, Takako Tajima, Ben Loescher, Rob Lamb, and Jonathan Linkus.  These projects define multi-functional performance of water-energy nexus with landscape infrastructural systems to enable: equitable distribution of shared resources, to provide means of addressing social and environmental justice issues, and enhance the cultural appreciation of the water and power infrastructure.

The Aqueduct Futures Project is supported by Metabolic Studios.

Refreshments will be served. The public is welcome to attend.


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