Aqueduct Safari

Next week, 60 Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture students are taking a field trip to explore the extents of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, meeting with the community and experts, and conducting field work to prepare for the final design project. We’ve gotten some press that hopefully will increase the turnout to our workshop and lay the groundwork for long-term service-learning collaborations.


Our itinerary on Sunday, starts at the southern terminus in Sylmar and heads north. We end in Independence, at the listening party for Kim Stringfellow’s ‘There it is take it‘ audio project hosted by the Eastern California Museum.


Starts with a tour of several LADWP facilities starting at Owens Lake (LORP pumping station, and the Dust Mitigation Water Release Structure) and heading up to Pleasant Valley Reservoir. Our evening will be spent running the Aqueduct Futures community workshop in Bishop.


Begins with a close encounter with the Owens Valley Radio Observatory, then a visit to the Big Pine Piute Reservation, before splitting up to pursue team research.

Wednesday (see map above)

Has an optional visit to Mono Lake South Tufa and plenty of team research time on the way back to Southern California.


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