The Aqueduct Futures Exhibit reveals the hidden impacts of the Los Angeles Aqueduct and proposes a radical remaking of the City’s distant watershed to achieve lasting peace between the City and Owens Valley.

Aiming to inspire civic imagination about opportunities to revitalize the Aqueduct, the Aqueduct Futures Exhibit will be on display at the Bridge Gallery, Los Angeles City Hall November 6th through December 6th, 2013.  Casting a fresh look on the emergence of urban Los Angeles catalyzed by the massive transfusion of water via the Aqueduct, the exhibit provides a unique view into the connections between water, energy, ecology, economics, and culture in California.

To learn more about the process and development of the project, please check out our blog.

AF Web panels 24dpi_07 Water Sankey

Our closing reception will be held: 9-11am, Tuesday, December 3rd in the City Hall Rotunda (3rd floor) – please take public transit or park near by. Looking forward to meeting you then!

We are very interested in your ideas about the future of water for Los Angeles, any comments about the exhibit, or if you wish to schedule a guided tour of the show.

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